CCTV Services

OCS Services offers a wide variety of different CCTV solutions. We will be able to tailor make a unique solution for your individual needs and the size of your property. We do CCTV solutions for your home owners, complexes, businesses and shopping centres. Give us a call to schedule an on-site appointment where we will be able to put a quote together for you and understand your needs and what you want to achieve by implementing a CCTV.

We have a wide range of cameras to choose from and we will be able to give you friendly advice on which one is best suited for you. With our CCTV installation you will be able to view this from your phone so that when you not at home or at work you will be able to view and see what is happening at all times on your property.

CCTV is a great theft and burglary deterrent and is by far the best solution in home and/or business security and peace of mind.